Water 2  _ Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2P1380738 1 .jpg

High Waters, 2021 by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2022  IMG_4749.jpg

Oracle, 2022

Ikarus, 2021 food Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2021 IMG_0629.jpg

Strauß, 2021 Tank Francisco Montoya Cazarez P1380041.jpg

Sink Tank, installation view at Haus des Wandels, 2021 dias de las noches Auroville show Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2021 P1370301.jpg

Los dias de las noches (The days of the nights), 2021 Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2021 P1370279.jpg P1370269.jpg

Sun spots, 2021 dias de las noches y Quadratmeter_ Auroville_Francisco Montoya Cazarez P1370263.jpg
Quadratmeter (Square meter), soil from west Germany and soil... Solvent Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2021 still .jpg

Solvent Body, 2:21, color, 2021 Rocks Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1920.jpg

Jewel Rocks, 2021 Montoya Cazarez_Rinse_web_IMG_1109.jpg Montoya Cázarez Lavado 2000 IMG_1148_v2.jpg

Spühl (Rinse), 2020 by Francisco Montoya Cázarez_Huy 2020 _00_01_04_05_Still002.jpg still Francisco Montoya Cazarez .jpg by Francisco Montoya Cázarez_Huy 2020 _00_01_12_14_Still003.jpg
Freilandhaltung (Free Range), 11 min, color and sounds, 2020.... Land by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080 IMG_0825.jpg

Freies Land (Free Land), 2020 landscapes two hills IMG_1421.jpg
Bio Landschaften (Bio landscapes), acryl paint on cardboard packaging,... by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2020 2000 IMG_1090.jpg
Quadratmeter (Square meter), Earth from the former GDR and West... detial by Francisco Montoya Cázarez 1080 IMG_0621.jpg by Francisco Montoya Cázarez 1080 IMG_0620.jpg

Glut (Embers), 2020 by Francisco Montoya Cázarez 1080 IMG_0169.jpg

Feuerlinie (Fireline), 2020 Green by Francisco Montoya Cázarez web 2020_IMG_0769.jpg by Francisco Montoya Cázarez 2020 web IMG_0866.jpg

Strömung (Streams), 2020 Rosa by Francisco Montoya Cázarez 2020 web IMG_0779.jpg by Francisco Montoya Cazarez g IMG_9952.jpg by Francisco Montoya Cázarez 2020 web_IMG_0329.jpg by Francisco Montoya Cázarez_installation view_IMG_0327.jpg

Spirits (Geister), 2020 Surface Amulet by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2020 1080 55271B57-624F-455B-937C-367A67CFE772.jpg Surface Amulet by Francisco Montoya Cazarez detail 1080 IMG_7631.jpg

Antibacterial amulet, 2020 Portrait by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080 4A0710A8-64B8-4599-A1F6-99C78A4BF28E.jpg

Ecstasy Portrait, 2020 land tierra ahumada Francisco Montoya Cazarez a 1500 P1300445.jpg

Tierra ahumada, 2019 Montoya Cazarez Bahia Bay 1 1500 P1300283.jpg

Bahía, 2019 Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1 1500 P1300262.jpg

Gully, 2019 woman Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1 1500 P1300254.jpg

Intoxicated Lovers, 2019 Montoya Cazarez Queen 1 1500 P1300492_v2.jpg

Coronita "The smoked land", acrylic on wood, 2019 Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1000 1500 P1300508.jpg

Negra Modelo "The smoked land", acrylic on wood, 2019 Montoya Cazarez Banana Split 1 1500 P1300140.jpg

Banana Split, 2019

14.5.19-16:16, 2019 cleaner station Francisco Montoya Cazarez 4 1000 P1300618.jpg

Wind cleaners, 2019 on air by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080 IMG_5972.jpg Montoya Cazarez Love is not enough hor IMG_6004.jpg

Healing mask, toothpaste and salt, 2019 Montoya Cazarez PASSAGE HALLE264 web  P1290300_jpg.jpg Montoya Cazarez passage doc in web P1290364.jpg

Passage, 2019 web IMG_0912.jpg

Missed call, carved marble, 2018 asimilation mosaic.jpg

Stirrers, 2017 by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080 IMG_6435.jpg Montoya Cazarez Ramp and limits studio lemgo web IMG_9480.jpg Montoya Cazarez Invisible mountain tempelhof web IMG_9875.jpg Montoya Cazarez Internal conflict installation view at the Goethe Institut Sofia Bulgarien P1270389.jpg Montoya Cazarez Internal conflict video still .jpg
Conflicto interno (Internal conflict), time based sculpture,... Montoya Cazarez Lemon tree at werk IMG_0862.jpg

Lemon tree, 2016 Montoya Cazarez Schwindelig wandeln at werk IMG_0685.jpg

The stones also want to be stones forever, 2018 Montoya Cazarez schwindelig wandeln at werk web .jpg Montoya Cazarez schwindelig wandeln at werk detail 2 web .jpg Montoya Cazarez Schwindelig wandeln dizzy walking at werk web.jpg IMG_1102.jpg Montoya Cazarez Schwindelig wandeln werk 5 1500 IMG_0429.jpg Montoya Cazarez schwindelig wandeln web IMG_2451.jpg Montoya Cazarez Schwindelig wandeln 11_sw eichenmuler haus pyrit golden web IMG_7994.jpg Montoya Cazarez schwindelig wandeln onyx web .jpg Montoya Cazarez Schwindelig wandeln Lemgo web 2016.jpg
Schwindelig wandeln (Dizzy wander), gems and paving stones, 2016... Montoya Cazarez schwindelig wandeln Lemgo Studio installation view web.jpg Montoya Cazarez Atelier 2016 Lemgo.jpg Montoya Cazarez No Drive sun set edition IMG_8625.jpg

Set, 2016 Montoya Cazarez Horizont Eichenmueler haus IMG_8167.jpg Montoya Cazarez Horizont IMG_5792.jpg Montoya Cazarez Horizont at WERK 3 IMG_5788.jpg Montoya Cazarez Horizontla line detail at WERK web IMG_5732.jpg
Horizon, LED light line displayed at the height of my own sight,... tide by Francisco Montoya Cazarez web.jpg

The tide, 2017 Holders by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080.jpg

Breath Holders, 2017 Montoya Cazarez Pool  hor IMG_1526.jpg

Pool, 2017 Montoya Cazarez Mambo dancer P1270532.jpg

Mambo dancer, 2018 Montoya Cazarez Imaginary beach sunset IMG_8866.jpg Montoya Cazarez Breath Theraphy  2 IMG_8753.jpg wind IMG_9074.jpg wind Earth over blue sky IMG_9091.jpg wind  eart detail 1 IMG_9086.jpg viento con olor a venado color corrected for me 3IMG_8743_1.jpg Montoya Cazarez Breath theraphy IMG_8736.jpg

Y el viento con olor de venado, 2017 Cortins by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080 IMG_5829_bearb.jpg Montoya Cazarez DIY healing mask IMG_8841.jpg Montoya Cazarez You know there is no soul IMG_8331.jpg
You know there is no soul, twisted empty packages of products... eichenmuellerhaus .jpg
Dirty corners (portrait), collection of one year studio dust,... Montoya Cazarez Opfer Sacrifice web IMG_6063.jpg Montoya Cazarez Sacrifice Opfern web small.jpg

Opfer (Sacrifice), 2016 Montoya Cazarez Feathers on a bowler 2016.jpg

Feathers on a bowler hat, 2016 Montoya Cazarez Obstacle Control IMG_6916.jpg

Obstacle, 2016 Montoya CAZAREZ Undo 2016.jpg

Resolution, 2016

Just the wind & Demarcation, 2017 Montoya Cazarez Small change studio view 2016.jpg

Small change, outdated currencies melted, 2016 Montoya Cazarez Sternschnuppe fallen star studio .jpg

Sternschnuppe (Meteor), 2016 web IMG_8537.jpg 100 pix IMG_8542.jpg

Cassiopeia, 2016 by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080 IMG_6057.jpg
Sparkles, crumpled images of explosions inside a glass vitrine,... fountain installation view L.jpg

Fountain (Waterborad), 2014 2 detail mirror für LEMGO Jahresvorschau 300 dpi .jpg than One Thousand nights by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080 .jpg
More than a Thousand Nights, Chaiselongue & "a Thousand and... Montoya Cazarez COMA spinning still .jpg Montoya Cazarez COMA after still.jpg Montoya Cazarez COMA still denebola .jpg curvature of space Francisco Montoya Cazarez.jpg Montoya Cazarez COMA asteroid still .jpg
COMA, 28:00 min, Germany, 2015 ( Montoya Cazarez The flyer still 3 .jpg
El volador (The flyer) , 15:20 min, Mexico, 2014/15 Montoya Cazarez Do you remember being web full.jpg
Do you remember being a bullet?, fired cartridges were casted... Montoya Cazarez Migrant Remains 2013 IMG_9356.jpg

Migrant Remains, 2013 Body and Sould by Francisco Montoya Cazarez.jpg .png Bachata Lesson by Francisco Montoya Cazarez.jpg still.png

Body & Soul, 2012 Limps by Francisco Montoya Cazarez IMG_9564.jpg

Phantom Limbs, 2012 Montoya Cazarez El campo The field detail web IMG_2706.jpg Montoya Cazarez El campo (The field) IMG_0039.jpg

El campo (The field), 2012 Montoya Cázarez_wishing_well_1080_ 2 IMG_2430.jpg

Wishing well, 2012 Montoya Cayarey Don ramon Installation view Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven 2013.jpg

Don Ramón, 2012 Montoya Cazarez Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven Fakir Web.jpg

Fakir, 2013 Montoya Cazarez The spell from Sonora Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven 2013.jpg

The spell from Sonora, 2012 by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 1080 .jpg

Feast, 2010 to the revolution installation view at kunstverein braunschweig 15 cm 150 dpi.jpg
Monument to the Revolution, mix media, 2010 Installation view... Bundesständchen by Francisco Montoya Cazarez 2009 web.jpg

Das Bundesständchen, 2009