Forest Grove, 2020


Freies Land (Free Land), 2020


Bio Landschaften (Bio landscapes), landscapes painted on cardboard packaging, 2020


Quadratmeter (Square meter), Earth from the former GDR and West Germany, 2020


Embers (Glut), 2020


Embers (Glut), 2020


Spühl (Rinse), 2020


Freilandhaltung (Free Range), 11:min, color and sound, 2020


Feuerlinie (Fireline), 2020


Strömung (Streams), 2020


Spirits (Geister), 2020


Touch Surface, antibacterial amulet made of copper and steel chain, 2020


Ecstasy Portrait, ecstasy pill on paper, 32 cm x 26 cm, 2020


Tierra ahumada "The smoked land", mix media, installation view, 2019


Intoxicated Lovers "The smoked land", mix media, installation view, 2019


Coronita "The smoked land", acrylic on wood, 2019


Negra Modelo "The smoked land", acrylic on wood, 2019


Banana Split "The smoked land", mix media installation view, 2019


14.5.19-16:16, 2019


Observatory (14.5.19 - 16:16 Yellow path) "The smoked land", sidewalk yellow traffic painting intervention, 2019


Wind cleaner station "The smoked land", mix media installation view, 2019


Healing mask, toothpaste and salt, 2019


Passage, door curtains, 2019


Missed call, carved marble, 19 x 8 x 1 cm, 2018


Stirrers, ongoing collection of found objects submerged into the same color paint that was used to paint the room, 2017


Invisible mountain, installation view at the Goethe-Institut Sofia, Bulgarien, 2017


Conflicto interno (Internal conflict), time based sculpture, video still, 2016 (Installation view at the Goethe-Institut Bulgarien, 2017)


Lemon tree, reproductions of a Mexican lemon, 2016


Las piedras también quieren ser piedras para siempre (The stones also want to be stones forever), installation view at WERK, 2018


Schwindelig wandeln (Dizzy wander), gems and paving stones, 2016


Color Spectrum, 2016


Horizon, LED light line displayed at the height of my own eyes, .5 x 500 cm, 2016


Breath Holders, plaster, 2017


Pool, tiles and water, 20 x 20 x 20 cm, 2017


Mambo dancer (Eight steps), broken chairs, 2018


Y el viento con olor de venado , mix media, 2017


You know there is no soul, twisted empty packages of products for body consumption, Salami on Cheese (Portrait), pizza boxes uprising to my own level, & Anlage S, tax formulary for artist, 2016


Dirty corners (portrait), collection of dust produced at the Studio and living space during one year residence, 60 x 60 cm, 2017


Opfer (Sacrifice), melted votive candle, variable dimensions, 2016


Feathers on a bowler hat, 2016


Obstacle, 2016


Resolution, 2016


Just the wind & Demarcation, Installation view at the Eichenmuellerhaus 2017


Small change, outdated currencies melted, 2016


Sternschnuppe (Meteor), 2016


Cassiopeia, 2016


Sparkles, crumpled images of explosions inside a glass vitrine, 2016


Fountain (Waterborad), 2014


More than a Thousand Nights, Chaiselongue & "a Thousand and One Night" book, 2016
Installation view at OVERGADEN, Copenhagen


COMA, 28:00 min, Germany, 2015 ( )


El volador (The flyer) , 15:20 min, Mexico, 2014/15


Do you remember being a bullet?, fired cartridges were casted into a picture frame shape, 25 x 18 cm, Brass, 2014


Migrant Remains, 2013


Body & Soul, 2012


Phantom Limbs, cropped yellow press and mirrors, 2012


El campo (The field), 2012 (Installation view at the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, 2013)


Wishing well, 2012
The visitors are encouraged to throw a 1 cent coin requesting a wish.
(Installation view at the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven 2013)


Don Ramón, 2012
Don Ramón was requested to count until 100 the day of his 100th aniversary.(Installation view at the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, 2013)


Fakir (white king, black king), t-shirts & broken corona beer bottles, 2012
Installation view at the Kusnthalle Wilhelmshaven 2013


The spell from Sonora, 2011 (Installation view at the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, 2013)


Feast, mix media, 2010
Installation view at the Remise Kunstverein Braunschweig 2011


Monument to the Revolution, mix media, 2010
Installation view at the Remise Kunstverein Braunschweig, 2011


Das Bundesständchen, serenata performance outside the Bundeskanzleramt, 2009