Francisco Montoya Cázarez


Passage, door curtains, 2019


Smart stone notification (Missed call), carved marble, 19 x 8 x 1 cm, 2018


The tide, artificially oxidized coin, 2017


Stirrers, ongoing collection of found objects submerged into the color paint that resembles the corners of the room, 2017


Ramp, cement on Atlas book, 2017


Sculpting air (Invisible mountain), installation view at the Goethe-Institut Sofia, Bulgarien, 2017


Schwindelig wandeln (Dizzy going), gems and paving stones, 2016


Horizont, LED light chain positioned at the height of my eyes, .5 x 500 cm, 2016


Bath, tiles and water, 20 x 20 x 20 cm, 2017


Mambo dancer, broken chairs, 2018


Opfer (Sacrifice), melted votive candle, variable dimensions, 2016


Feathers on a bowler hat, 2016


Picking up an object every time I come back to the studio, 2016


Undo, disarmed picture frame from hosting gallery, 2016


Small change, outdated currencies melted, 2016


Do you remember being a bullet?, empty cartridges casted into a picture frame shape, 25 x 18 cm, Brass, 2014